Structures of the gaze, seeing, not seeing and the subject of blindness mainly, have been the central topics of my artistic activity and a personal commitment for years. These have weaved a “red thread” through my paintings, prints and other artworks.

For me, blindness is a multi-faceted phenomenon that cannot be reduced to a biological lack of vision. It is precisely through this approach I have analyzed and made art so far. I consider painting as a sign and an overlap of layers that contains, both, the visible and the invisible. Furthermore, I have pursued different metaphorical and symbolic approaches to blindness that illuminate it in a physical, historical and in an daily life manner. I have explored this concept with different content and material solutions. For example, oil on canvas, intaglio or haptic wall objects.

What happens when an image is created thinking of a pair of eyes that cannot see? Is this image perceived differently? What is it, that my eyes cannot see? What is it, that I prefer not seeing?



Fortuna´s Rumble

Often placed in the center of the image, the round structure can be seen. A rotating system is operated by a blindfolded woman: Fortuna. Attached to the wheel are figures in different life situations, which go up and down in time with the wheel. These constellations correspond to the symbolism of transience and changeability of happiness to bad luck. Blindness serves as a metaphor of the inexplicable impermanence of each person’s fate. 

LINOPRINT made during the Artistic Residency at the Cranach Stiftung (Lutherstadt Wittenberg)



– Photo: Regina Kelaita, 2021.

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