Structures of the gaze, seeing, not seeing and the subject of blindness mainly, have been the central topics of my artistic activity and a personal commitment for years. These have weaved a “red thread” through my paintings, prints and other artworks.

For me, blindness is a multi-faceted phenomenon that cannot be reduced to a biological lack of vision. It is precisely through this approach I have analyzed and made art so far. I consider painting as a sign and an overlap of layers that contains, both, the visible and the invisible. Furthermore, I have pursued different metaphorical and symbolic approaches to blindness that illuminate it in a physical, historical and in an daily life manner. I have explored this concept with different content and material solutions. For example, oil on canvas, intaglio or haptic wall objects.

What happens when an image is created thinking of a pair of eyes that cannot see? Is this image perceived differently? What is it, that my eyes cannot see? What is it, that I prefer not seeing?

– Photo: Regina Kelaita, 2021.