Caspar-David-Friedrich Scholarship Project

I announce the next three exhibitions from my recent project „Mutuum Auxilium“. I´ll be presenting the work I´ve made in the context of the Caspar-David-Friedrich Grant 2016/17 I got last year. “Mutuum Auxilium” means in english „mutual support“. This symbolic image has a predominant role in this context: it shows a blind man who carries a paralyzed man. With the help of the paralytic the blind in some way ’sees‘, while the latter enables the paralytic to move. A serie of works was created under this concept and combines two complementary areas: painting and graphics.


  • Mutuum Auxilium












Fallada Haus
Steinstraße 59, 17489, Greifswald

27.4 – 4.5 /2017 · 1pm-6pm

  • Salon Berlin


Centro Internazionale della Grafica / Atelier Aperto
San Marco 1878/a – 30124, Venezia

11.5 – 24.5 /2017

  •  Entre los días y las cosas

Colombian Embassy
Berlin, Germany

18.5 – 28.6 /2017

Puls pulse pulsa! >> 18.6/2017

Project in collaboration with: Mathias Pelda, Matthias Moseke, Daniel Paiva De Miranda, Laura Kreitmann,

Eleanor Westbrook, Antoine Lukac and Pauline Vengeon.

With the support from Genia Börner-Hoffmann (THEATER IM PALAIS) and Jana Mila Noritsch (Collectors Club Berlin).

Theater im Palais am Festungsgraben 1, 10117 Berlin

Exhibition >>15.4/2017

Neue Greifen Galerie

Kunst | Schmuck | Rahmen

Steinbecker Str. 21

17489 Greifswald

Tel 03834-898612


Opening – 10.3 – 7pm

11. 3 – 19.4 / 2017


Closing 2016!
My work posted in an article from the MAGAZIN MUSEUM.DE Nr.27
Pages 38-45:


Text by juananzellini // „Cartografie di Fuga“, Luis Carlos Tovar (2016)

Happy to be part of this publication with the text “4pm” // “Cartografie di Fuga/Luis Carlos Tovar”

FOTOGRAFIA-Festival Internazionale di Roma 2016, Italien


Oltrarno Recordings: Raccoglimento Parziale/Observing Organic Structures

Another release of Oltrarno Recordings Raccoglimento Parziale/Observing Organic Structures is there!
Cover by Juana Anzellini (Oct 2016).

Workshop @ Akademie der Künste Berlin

The next 11. october/2016 I´ll be offering a printing workshop at Akademie der Künste

for both visually impaired and non-visually impaired people.




Interview by Andrea Cortés · Foto by Joëlle Pidoux












Juana Anzellini – Arte desde adentro

Interview by Andrea Cortés

Foto by Joëlle Pidoux


Brochure + Text!


– Text by Regine Sondermann und Andreas Hornemann

Schreibkräfte Vol. 9

German literature Magazine with a retrospective
selection of my work (March 2016).

Schreibkraefte 9 Cover

Oltrarno Recordings: Soutine

The second release of Oltrarno Recordings Soutine OZ ist there!
Cover by Juana Anzellini (Feb 2016).

Oltrarno Recordings: Worlds

The first release of Oltrarno Recordings is called „Worlds“, produced by the
Florence – Berlin based O.R. crew and dedicated to explore the different
shades of clubbing music. Cover by Juana Anzellini (Oct 2015).


Die Welt Kompakt

Double page on DIE WELT KOMPAKT!
August 2015)



1. PRIZE KULTURANKER // Neue Sinnlichkeit 2015.
August 2015 @ Magdeburg, Germany


pressesinnlichkeit DIEweltKULTURANKERElEspectador